4 Fascinating Historical Facts about Makeup and how can you Find them on House of Makeup

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but it doesn’t hurt to modify it every now and then. This art is called makeup and it is as old as the times of Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth. While the modes of application and acquisition of makeup may have changed, the art and the love of it still remains unparalleled. From beautiful surmas that graced the eyes to the fruit juices that rosied up the cheeks and lips, we have now evolved to include better and long lasting variants. Now you can buy waterproof kajal, vegan matte lipstick and much more with just a few scrolls and clicks. The best deals are available when you buy beauty products online, and indulging in clean beauty that is devoid of any harm, to you and to the environment, is the best way to go on about it.

But, before we delve further into the present and the future of makeup, let’s understand the past. The history of makeup is as fascinating as makeup itself; colourful and creative. Let’s take a look at a few.

The Kohl Era

Do you know that scientifically it has been proven mixing kohl with natural moisture of the eyes creates an anti=bacterial barrier. The history of the kohl, however, lies in the pyramids of Egypt, where eye kajal served not only as an eye enhancing makeup product, but also as a protection against the scorching Egyptian sun. Cleopatra, the Egyptian beauty who is also nothing short of a legend when it comes to her beauty and intelligence, is known for her exemplary eye makeup. The best smudge proof kajal that you wear now finds its roots in these Egyptian lores.

House of Makeup offers an array of beauty products online, including the best smudge proof kajal that reflect the glory of Cleopatra’s era gone by. From the Oh My Black Kajal to the Here to Stay Longwear Kajal, or even the Double Duty Kohl + Liner, buy waterproof kajal that suits your persona and mood.

The Roman Era of Ungendered Makeup

Evolution of society is also dependent upon evolution of the mind. With time, the society is slowly embracing the idea of queer existence, gender spectrum, and the flexibility with regards to the behaviour of heterosexual people. With feminist and LGBTQ movements taking the lead, we are witnessing a slow yet steady revolution in the makeup market too, with its customer base expanding. However, do you know that this is not such a novel thing? In fact, in the roman era, men defined their social rank by painting their lips. While this may have been a part of a masculine tradition and had nothing to do with the queer movement, it does shed some light on the fact that makeup indeed was not exclusive to women.

House of Makeup has an array of lip paints to choose from. From drama queen lipstick, a fuchsia-based red that comes in the Pout Potion range, to the best creamy vegan matte lipstick in the form of Good On You Hydra Matte Lipstick, there are many variants and shades to choose from.

The Middle Ages

This was the time when coloured eyes were a rage. From blues and greys to greens and yellows, eyelids were being flaunted to the tee. So if you want to buy waterproof kajal that comes in an array of shades and is speaking of a rich history, picking up the hues of House of Makeup is a good choice. Our Double Duty Kohl + Liner comes in beautiful shades that can perk up any simple makeup look in a jiffy. From Ms Moneybags and Bronzone to Silverrighteous and Dawntown, these shades are rich in texture and smudge proof and waterproof, with a long lasting power.

The Rise of the Kiss-proof lipstick

Long lasting, smudge proof lipstick is not a recent advent. In fact, it is as old as the 1950s when one of the first ads of these lipsticks came out. This one was from an old brand named Hazel Bishop that launched a No-Smear Lipstick that would last all day long. Naturally, it was not that effective. Nevertheless, it was enticing enough to fly off the shelves. With every other brand offering the same long lasting tattoo-like finish now, what you need is a long lasting lipstick that is comfortable on the lips and is not shy of touch-ups, leaving behind a pretty tint. Trust us when we say, you do not need longevity that’s imbued with harmful ingredients such as lead. Your lips need a pampering shade of your personality, the vegan and cruelty-free way. Just like House of Makeup’s vegan matte lipstick. Whether it’s our Pout Potion range or our Good On You Hydra Matte, we have every shades and texture to cater to your needs.

The history of makeup is fascinating and its evolution enticing. However, the formulations have not evolved in a similar manner. Many renowned brands still use harmful chemicals that effect you and the environment. It’s time to opt for clean beauty, with no nasties on your face. House of Makeup offers an array of cosmetics that have been created with utmost love. We have a no-cruelty and no-toxicity policy, because you deserve only love.

What are you waiting for? Dive out of the past of bygone beauty to delve into the future of clean beauty. Shop now.

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