5 Shades Apart from Red that can Give your Festive Matte Lipstick Look a Different Spin

What do you wish for when you want to buy lipstick online to turn your festive woes
into wows? Well, for starters, you go straight for that perfect long lasting matte
lipstick, preferably in the shade red, because that’s the colour we have been
associating festivals with, since eternity. Indeed, red is the queen of all when it
comes to painting your pout. What’s better? There are numerous reds available,
each to suit the diverse and unique personality that you possess.
From subtle reds that bring out your aura to the blazing reds that are out there,
unapologetic and gorgeous, there are a plethora of reds that you can when you set
out to buy lipstick online. Furthermore, buying a long lasting matte lipstick is
feasible and in trend nowadays, owing to the fact that it is less of a mess and
comes with no stress of touch-ups.
As festive season is just around the corner. We thought of introducing you to an
alternative to your favourite shade. Well, red is still a hot favourite and comes with a
gust of nostalgia, but it’s time we moved over and noticed other gorgeous options
as well. Yes, it’s a long lasting matte lipstick. Yes, it is just as bejewelled and
gorgeous as you favourite that brings out the festive delights of your soul.
Check out the House of Makeup alternative to the staple red that you have been
donning for long.

From the range, Good On You Hydra Matte Lipstick
Before we start, let’s introduce you to the range that comes in a beautiful creamy
matte texture that sits on your pout in a nourishing manner. Infused with natural
ingredients and no nasties, the House of Makeup Good on You Hydra Matte
Lipstick now comes wrapped in a sleek black packaging, which is pretty as well as
practical. What’s more? There are 8 new shades for you to pick and play with. Now,
let’s take a look at the festive picks that have our hearts pacing.

# Shade 1: Good On You Hydra Matte Lipstick - 100% Orange
Have you ever wondered what crushed orange with all its brightness would look on
you? Well, good on you, what else? This is the time to find out. This pulpy and juicy
shade is the newest in the range and is a deep orange that will suit your skin tone
just fine. This will brighten up your entire look in a jiffy. If you have to buy lipstick
online and are looking for a long lasting matte lipstick which is different, pick this up.

# Shade 2: Good On You Hydra Matte Lipstick - Fast & Fuchsious

Fast, furious, and making us totally curious. Sometimes, pink is the best pick. The
shade not only perks you up, but somehow gives you back a semblance of youthful
summers. Take this gorgeous deep fuchsia for instance. It will not only brighten up
your entire look, but also ensure that a deep berry tint remains on your lips, even
after you eat a hearty festive meal. After all, who can say no to a plate full of
sweets? But, if you still insist, one touch-up would do.
From the range, Pout Potion Liquid Matte Lipstick
Not interested in creamy liquid matte lipstick? Well, you can still buy lipstick online
at House of Makeup and we have got you covered. We offer another terrific option,
just as gentle with ingredients and in sync with our sustainable ethos. We are
talking about a liquid matte lipstick which is matte in the truest of senses but does
not make your delicate pout flakey or dry. It’s the House of makeup Pout Potion
Liquid Matte Lipstick. Here are few non-red shades that should catch your fantasy,
this festive season.

# Shade 3: Brown With It

Who said browns can only be a part of goth looks? Take this rich and matte coffee
brown, for instance. It gives the most beautiful colour on one application, and stays
on for straight 9 hours without budging. Not only that, this may be the perfect matte
lipstick in this unique shade, for it does not harm your lips in any manner. Swipe on
the brown, this festive season.

# Shade 4: Good Vibes Only

Not another fuchsia! We bet you will never say this after you have swiped on this
shade of this absolutely gorgeous long lasting matte lipstick. This brilliant pink
comes with perky vibes that can totally turn heads when you pair it with your ethnic
and festive outfits. This shade can transform any look. It becomes you and totally
gives off good vibes.

# Shade 5: Happy Hour

Still want a little semblance of red? Well, we have got your back here too. Happy
Hour is a shade which is red but not red. A deepest shade of the quintessential
party shade, this one has a velvety finish that is sure to make heads turn. Swipe it
on and bring out your festive feels alive.
Red or not, pick your best festive matte shade your way. And pick one that
advocated clean beauty, one that ditches harmful chemicals and embraces a
cruelty-free policy. Just like House of Makeup.
So, what are you wearing this festive season?

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