5 Ways in Which your Long Lasting Lipstick is Actually Ruining Your Lips

From matte liquid lipstick to creamy ones, there are a plethora of dreamiest pout shades and textures available in the market. But whether you buy lipstick online or offline, the advertising tactic remains the same. Similar features in various languages peek out at you as they shout in various fonts, on the top of their voices;




Now, take a deep breath, and read it again. Do you really need a lipstick that lasts for 12 or 24 hours? What exactly are you sacrificing when you fall prey to the popular claim of ‘long lasting lipstick?’

Your health, so much so that it may lead to some serious conditions. Your long lasting lipstick may be feeding you poison as you buy beauty products online. The key is to be cautious.

Here are some of the ways your long lasting matte lipstick or just long lasting lipstick is having an adverse effect on your skin.

Renal Failure

Do you know that your long lasting matte lipstick is composed of harmful chemicals such as chromium, cadmium, and magnesium? Do you also know that continuous exposure to these chemicals can lead to renal failure? Not only this, stomach tumour is also one of the side effects of these long lasting lipsticks that look quite alluring on the surface, but are actually corroding you on the inside.

Developmental issues

We will say one word: petrochemicals. We’re sure you must have heard about this one a lot. It seems pretty harmless the way it is marketed. It is even present in many jellies for your lips and of course, it forms a part of those creamy long lasting lipsticks. But at what cost? Petrochemicals are known to stunt growth, development, and intelligence, and also adversely affect the reproductive functionality of the body. Not something you would sacrifice for a long lasting matte lipstick that you can flaunt for the day in your favourite shade.

Nervous system issues

Now comes the biggest of villains. While we may not have been that aware of the side effects of petrochemicals or even chromium and other chemicals, this one has been in the papers for a long time. However, seems like many of us do not understand how its presence in our long lasting lipstick is detrimental to us. We are talking about lead. This is the most common ingredient in those lipsticks that claim to last for hours with no smudge and no budge finish, often at the cost of your lip comfort and health. Lead is a proven neurotoxin that can cause brain damage and infertility. The longer you are exposed to it, the worse effects it has.

Toxic ingestion

We all eat our lipsticks. Those are on our lips, after all. The more chemicals your long lasting lipstick contains, the more chemicals you are ingesting as you eat and drink with the lipstick on. Ingesting toxic materials can lead to an accumulation of these harmful chemicals over time, further leading to toxicity.


We have saved the scariest one for the last. Well, a delve into the darkness of long lasting lipsticks, whether you buy lipstick online or offline, is surely eye opening. Yes, it may cause cancer, courtesy parabens and formaldehyde, also known as carcinogens, that form the preservative part of your long lasting lipstick. It can affect your eyes and cause constant allergic reactions in the form of wheezing.

What is the solution?

Well, the solution is right in front of your eyes: CLEAN BEAUTY.

Clean beauty simply means beauty without toxicity. It is not possible to ditch chemicals entirely. But, it is completely possible to ditch the harmful ones and retain the bare minimum chemicals so that you can flaunt your favourite shades without any worry. Put that in a bottle with the best of textures and tints, and you have your dream long lasting lipstick ready. No, it does not last for 24 hours, but it does last for 8-10 hours and we think that is good enough. You may even touch up in between to increase the intensity of the colour.

The point is that long lasting lipsticks are amazing, but they are not needed to last that long. We at House of Makeup ensure that our lipsticks last long, but not at the cost of your health. From our Pout Potion Liquid Matte Lipsticks to Good On Your Hydra Matte Lipsticks, we have an array of shades to suit your personalities and textures that make your lips go wow. And all of that is created in a guilt-free and cruelty-free manner so that you flaunt your colours without any worry.

Shop consciously and wisely. Go clean for beauty!

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