6 Must-have Matte Lipstick Shades For A Brighter 2020

Each matte lipstick tells a different story. In a world where everyone is searching for their soulmate, we intend to meet our favourite matte. Don’t you blame us, because there are so many matte lipstick shades that you would want to wear and so, so, so little time. But stress not, we took our soul matte finding job very seriously, cause ain’t nobody got time for boring lippies that fail to stand out.

 We began our search for the perfect matte lipstick around the end of 2019. And boy, are we glad to tell you that we found not one, but 6 perfect shades that will brighten your lives! Have a peek and get set to rock 2020 the way you were always, always meant to be.

1. Good Vibes Only 

Good Vibes Only

If truth be told, we would be caught wearing this magical shade of Magenta to bed too. Such is the clout of this shade and its vibrant vibe just makes it impossible to ignore.

2. Girl Boss

Girl Boss

Remember the girl who conquered the world wearing a red lipstick? Well she personally recommends this shade to every other hustler who sets out to make the world their own.

3. Zero Chill

Zero Chill

Go all out with this 80s inspired lipstick shade specially selected to make you have a gala time. We wore this on a Monday too, just to make sure of it’s potential!

4. Fast and Fuschious

Fast and Fuschious

We think this fuschia packed shade is perfect for those who love to brighten up their mornings with a fiery shade of Pink.

5. Zen Zinnia

Zen Zinnia

Make way for the coolest shade of 2020! Get set to create a  feisty, burnt orange fiesta whenever you set out wearing this shade of matte lipstick.

6. Poppyrazi


Own a snazzy, pop, lipstick shade of red that makes you stop and look into every mirror you pass by? Well, the time has come to treat yourself to just that.

So, now that you’ve gone through House Of Makeup’s perfect matte lipsticks, take your pick. Move over, soul mate, make way for the ultimate mattes lipsticks!

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