8 Nail Polish Shades That Look Fabulous On Short Nails

You know what they say, good things come in small packages. Well, we couldn’t agree more. Short and fabulous is our nail mantra for 2020 and we cannot wait to show you why. Not like, we are writing off beautiful, long nails (you do you) but yes, this year we are all going to be bout pushed-back cuticles and visible half moons. 

Why, you ask? We believe that shot nails + a pretty nail polish can make your mani, the chicest choice of accessory. And why not, short nails come with a no-fuss vibe and are extremely easy to maintain. 

Scroll down and find out the coolest of our nail polishes that spell glam and glitz on short nails:

1. Ninja Army 

Combat nail polish boredom with this camo-inspired, matte nail lacquer. Treat your shorties like a canvas and paint them as Picasso would!

2. Thai Tea


‘Make it pop’ is what Thai Tea, our sunniest shade yet, screams. If you are up for some attention, this glossy shade is for you.

3. Hibiscus Tea


Soothing yet fiery, this matte shade is all about the oomph it generates. One coat coupled with a top coat is enough to make it last longer than a week.

4. Maasai Red


You: “Umm, Short, Red nails?” 

In case you missed the memo for Maasai Red looking all chic and cute on short nails, consider this as one.

5. Mr. Grey


Indulge. Indulge. Indulge. This decadent shade of grey is something every nail polish addict should stock up on. Wake up to a perfect mani, thanks to Mr. Grey. (Wink)

6. Frozen



Want your work besties to go all ‘oh-that’s-so-cute’ on your nails? Then this electric blue hue is just the one for you.

7. Sundowner


Ain’t no short mani complete without a Sunset hue. Apply this shade on the precipice of nail growth for that much-needed pizzas.

8. Nitro Coffee 

nitro coffee


Hey, Millennials. This one’s for you. Akin to a shot of espresso on a hectic day, this nail polish shade is guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. 

So, ready to rock those shawtys? We so are! 

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