Creating Festive-worthy Eyes with the Best Kohl Eyeliner

Sultry and smoldering eyes are never out of season. With the pandemic running high and masks covering the lower half of your face, as it rightly should, it’s time to let your eyes do all the talking. Buy the best waterproof eyeliner at House of Makeup and create festive-worthy eyes. Our kohl eyeliners can perk up your dense eye makeup with its various shades. From Here To Stay Longwear Kajal in Noir that is the deepest kohl eyeliner you will find, to the beautiful shades of Double Duty Kohl + Eyeliner, you can use them to create festive looks that will last long.

Here’s how you can create festive-worthy look with kohl eyeliner and kajal from House of Makeup.

Step 1: Prep and prime

The area around your eyes is the most delicate one. So, you need to be extra careful while cleaning and prepping it for makeup. Simply wipe off the excess oil and dab a little primer on those lids and around the eye area. If you can get your hands on an eye makeup primer, nothing works better than that. Prep your eyes for the beautiful kohl eyeliner look that you are going to create.

Step 2: Swipe and smudge

Did you buy eyeliner online at House of Makeup? Then the second step of your festive-worthy eye makeup will go just fine. Create a thick line with your Here to Stay Longwear Kajal - Noir on your upper lid and smudge it immediately to create a hazy and smoky effect. Remember to do it quickly, before it settles down to a smudgeproof and budgeproof effect.

Step 3: Line and define

Once you have smudged the first layer and wiped the excess with a tissue, use the same kohl eyeliner to create a defined line on the upper lid. Also use it to tightline your upper waterline. If you want to create a heavier look, you can even tightline the lower waterline and smudge it a little, though not as intensely as the upper one. Now your festive-worthy eye makeup is almost ready.

Step 4: Shine divine!

Nothing perks up an eye makeup to create a divine festive look like a hint of gold, or even silver. Take your pick from our another eye makeup product, the kohl eyeliner which is gentle on the eyes and stays on for a long time so that your makeup is intact, no matter what. House of Makeup Double Duty Kohl + Liner comes in an array of shades. Pick one and add your own touch to this smoky look. For festive ones though, we suggest picking Silverrighteous for that brilliant silver touch or Bronzone for that precious toned-down golden effect. Just take the kohl eyeliner and give a touch on your inner corners. You can even line your lower lids to complete the look and create a smoky-gold or smoky-silver look. You can even use a tiny touch of the liners as highlighters on your brow bone. You can add a different spin of colour to your look as well. Pick up Ms Moneybags if you want to seal the deal with a gorgeous teal or Dawntown if you want a royal purple touch.

Step 5: Fill those brows

Let your Bronzone kohl eyeliner double up as a brow filler. Just take a tiny bit of it and fill those brows, that you can further smudge and fill with the help of a brush or your fingers. 

Step 6: Lush those lashes

Take your favourite mascara and apply lavish double coats.

Voila! And you are gorgeously done. Your festive look is done and created, with just two kohl eyeliners. Buy best waterproof eyeliner now at House of Makeup and play and create looks. Do tag us when you do that. We would love to feature you. At House of Makeup, we believe in clean beauty that is devoid of harmful chemicals that can otherwise have a hampering effect on your beautiful skin. We also believe that clean beauty should stem from a cruelty-free environment. We condemn testing on animals. Join the House of Makeup clean beauty movement today for a better tomorrow.

Pledge now, #ItsNotOk to use toxic products on your gorgeous self. You deserve much better than that. You are truly worth it.

Don’t forget to tag us in your festive looks when you use our kohl eyeliners to create them.

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