Eye Makeup 101: 9 Tips to Give You A Bird’s-eye View

Eyes are the window to one’s soul. It is no surprise that this feature has fascinated poets and writers for centuries, owing to the fact that it is considered the most expressive and beautiful part of one’s face. Eye makeup too has been quite popular since times immemorial. In fact, Cleopatra eyes are still practised and acknowledged in popular culture. From simple kohl created from natural ingredients to today’s long-lasting hues, eye makeup has seen quite an evolution. Eye makeup started off with the humble kohl or kajal, and is now diverse enough to include an array of products, such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, and more. Even the products have varied textures. From matte and creamy to glitters and shimmers, eye makeup has truly come a long way.

But what makes one a pro at applying eye makeup? Most of us don’t go beyond kajal application. However, you’d be surprised to know that you can truly bring out the best in your eyes in simple and few tricks.

Brush it up

The first and foremost thing that you can do is, getting perfect applicators. Makeup brushes specifically include eye brush sets that have different brushes that serve a unique purpose in highlighting your eye makeup. From the ones that are used in application, to the blending brushes, and even the tiny highlighting ones, eye makeup brushes are the first step to a great look that you can flaunt. Use minimum pressure and light strokes. Also, make sure to wash your brushes regularly to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

Chase that crease

Never make the mistake of applying one shade on your entire eyelid. While you may think it perks up your eyes, it will do the opposite. It will make it dull and give the illusion of smaller eyes. The key to good eye makeup is identifying the two eyeshadow shades of light and dark which can be used together on the lid and crease. Use the darker shades on the crease and outer corners for a depth effect.

Highlight the arches

Another step which will make sure your eye makeup stands out is that of highlighting. Use the lightest eyeshadow or even your normal highlighter for it. Use it in the inner corners and below and above the eyebrow arch.

Blend it like Beckham

We mean it. The key to good makeup, and by extension good eye makeup, is blending. There are two shades of eyeshadows and a highlighter involved. Make sure that you blend it well so that the seamlessly flow into each other to give your eyes a beautiful look on the whole. Otherwise, it will only be a faux pass which we’re sure you wouldn’t want.

Mas-Curl it up 

Many people skip this step. We say, bring it on. Mascara is the wakeup call that your eyes need. Slept bad? No worries. Just the right eye makeup with a right mascara will do the trick. But just mascara is not enough. There is another tool to aid it all the way, and that is an eyelash curler. An eyelash curler, as the name suggests, curls your eyelashes. It thus preps them for the mascara, which can further open them up. Also, while applying the mascara, remember to let the first coat dry completely before you top it up with a second coat.


Not many know about this, but it is an effective technique to brighten up your eyes. This basically means covering your waterline, both upper and lower. Using a white eyeliner on the lower waterline gives the illusion of bigger eyes. You can make the upper waterline denser by using a kohl. In case you want a smoky effect, use the kohl to tightline entirely. You can take your pick from Oh My Black Kajalor even ‘Here to Stay Longwear Kajal’. Comprising natural and cruelty-free ingredients, these kajals will make sure your eye makeup stays in place for a long time and does not water.

Play with hues

Eyeshadows are not the only eye makeup product which brings in a variety of colours. You can play with coloured eyeliners as well. However, the key to using coloured eyeliners is limited and specific application. Make sure that you keep the rest of your eye makeup neutral, and then apply one stroke of the coloured eyeliner: lower lashline, upper lashline, or part lines. We have the most beautiful hues to suit each personality. Our Double Duty Kohl + Linerdoes the duty just right. Take your pick from Dawntown — a regal purple, Bronzone — a gorgeous bronze tone, Ms. Moneybags — a teal to steal your heart, and Silverrighteous — a silver to perk up your day.

Freeze it

Our eye products come with sharpeners so that your edges are never blunt. However, one extra tip never hurts. If you want perfect tips and flawless application, put your eyeliner or kajal pencil in the freezer for some time. It will ensure that it doesn’t break and will make the texture a little firmer.

White eyeliner

Did we say it right? A white eyeliner? Well, there is no need to be shocked out of your wits. White eyeliner has been there for a long time and will be staying for a longer one. This is because it is the most versatile eye makeup product. White eyeliner can give your eyes an illusion of being big. Use it on the inner corners or to highlight the arches of your brows. You can even use it as a base before applying your eye shadow, for an intense colour payoff. White eyeliner is a must have, take our word for it.

Deep-set eyes or almond-shaped eyes, there is an eye makeup for everyone. You just need to be bold enough to play with the shades, and bright enough to apply these tips and tricks. And then, just wait and watch as the world trapezes on your tunes.

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