How to Create a Complete Eye Makeup Look Using Only Eye Kajal

Long lasting eye kajal is the dream of many. But getting the best smudge proof kajal is no easy feat. With a plethora of brands coming up with their own versions in the market, which one should you pick? Well, obviously the one which doesnt make your eyes sting, is gentle on your vision, and gives off the best pigmentation. Bonus points if it is created in a cruelty-free manner. The best eye kajal is not only long lasting but ethical as well. For instance, our Here to Stay Longwear Kajal - Noir is a gel-based eye kajal which stays on the waterline for a long time and doesnt hurt or itch? Further, it is waterproof and smudgeproof. It wont budge. 


Want an affordable everyday eye kajal with the same goodness? Log on to and pick the glad madness of super-rich and super dark Oh My Black Kajal by House of Makeup. It is made for the one-the-go generation with its retractable packaging and long-lasting smudge and water resistant finish.  


What if we told you that you could create beautiful eye looks by using only one kajal? Yes, that is possible. One eye kajal, and various looks to perk up your entire makeup. 


Look 1: Fresh and Natural 


Use our long lasting eye kajal and apply on your upper waterline. Then use a voluminous mascara and apply two generous coats on your eyelashes. Voila! You have a fresh and peppy look ready. 


This look can be used both for daytime lunches or even for those parties if you want to go heavy on the lips with your eyes subtle and sober. Spruce up your entire look with highlighters and a bit of sparkle to make for the beautiful and simple doe eye makeup that you have created using the eye kajal. 


Look 2: Smoked up! 


This is perhaps the hottest yet the simplest eye makeup look that you can create using our best smudge proof kajal. Apply Oh My Black on your eye corners generously and then blend it inwards using fingers or brush. Once you have done that, pick up the Here to Stay Longwear Kajal - Noir, and create defined line on your upper eyelid, like an eyeliner. Use it on your upper and lower waterline and you have the most gorgeous smokey eye, all with the help of your eye kajal. Want better definition? Use the How to Stay Longwear Kajal generously on your lower lid too. Finish off with a double coat volumizing mascara. 


This one can be paired up any nude lip colour during the day. If you want to perk up your look at night, just put on a nude yet shimmery lip gloss over it and brush it off with a shimmery highlighter. Your eyes are ready to do the talking and take over the night. 


Look 3: Lashline Smudge 


This one can add a beautiful twist to your daily and fresh eye kajal look. This falls somewhere in between a heavy smokey eye and a fresh daily eye makeup look. Apply a gel-based or normal kajal on your waterlines and a thin line on your lower lashline. Smudge the lower lashline kajal to create a subtle yet beautiful smoked-up effect. Finish off with a thin lining on your upper lash line to add a definition. This lashline smudge is perfect for those who are looking for a little bit of drama to their usual eye kajal looks. With our Hear to Stay Longwear Kajal - Noir and Oh My Black Kajal, this look will blend in beautifully with your entire makeup. 


Thats it. Three beautiful makeup looks that you can complete just with kajal and enhance with a coat or two of mascara. On good days you can even skip the mascara and let your eye kajal do the deed. House of Makeup offers two beautiful range of eye kajals that are created with utmost love and no harmful ingredients. We know your eyes are the most beautiful and delicate part of your face and we want you to have the best makeup product for the same. Our Here to Stay Longwear Kajal and Oh My Black Kajal, both have been created in a cruelty-free manner, with ingredients that soothe the eye instead of irritating them. 


So when are you creating these looks? Dont forget to tag us on our social media handles. We are waiting for you to try our products and create the best eye kajal looks. 


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