LIT UP! Buy Nail Polish Online at House of Makeup to Perk up Your Festive Joys

The pandemic has invaded the households and created a flurry of panic. Nevertheless, despite everything, we are holding on. The new normal of covering up and maintaining better hygiene levels has ensured that we be prepared not only for the present, but also for a foreseeable future. With the lockdowns gradually lifting and lives resuming, even the festivals need a respite, don’t you think. Well, we have our faces covered and masked and for good reasons, so why not play with the rest of our makeup? Let’s start with nails. Buy nail polish online at House of Makeup and we assure you that your nails will be perked up in no time.

We have an array of textures and shades to choose from. From nude nail polish that can be a base for jewelled arts to bright nail polish that is art unto itself, we have brilliant shades that stay on for long time. Think luxury finish on nails, think House of Makeup. Here are some of the choices shades that will induce you to buy nail polish online with us at House of Makeup and light up your festivities.

House of Makeup Nail Lacquer - Strawberry Bark

Somewhere between nude nail polish and bright nail polish, comes a shade which is subtle enough to capture your heart and bold enough to grab eyeballs. This beautiful pastel pink is just that. Put this luxurious nail polish on your nails and ace it with a jewelled nail art or just individually, as per the makeup and outfit you are donning. It’s your choice, really.

House of Makeup Nail Lacquer - Forever Young

Have you ever wanted a red that’s just not too red? Presenting a bright nail polish shade that will satiate your not-so-red cravings. With subtle pink and coral tones, this is one unique red that will compliment all your festive outfits. Well, why just festive? This can perk up your mood on an ordinary day too, to make you and your work extraordinary, as you create those last-minute presentations or work on that dream project.

House of Makeup Nail Lacquer - Inferno

The dark shades of nail polish often fall into the too-into-your-face category. Not with House of Makeup. We believe in brights that truly make your soul shine. Inferno is one such shade which is true to its name. Its flame that you can sport with your festive look and channelise your undaunting spirit. This is one bright nail polish shade that will truly make your look stand out. Add a few nail art elements and get ready to shine like a phoenix.

House of Makeup Nail Lacquer - Nitro Coffee

What’s a nude nail polish without a hint of coffee brown shades. After all caffeine is the best friend of all you hard working babes out there. Bring out the effect in your nail look as well as this shade with its lux natural finish will make nails look simply enchanting. Whether you use it in your festive look or as an everyday accessory, Nitro Coffee is a nude nail polish that you need in your makeup bag.

House of Makeup Matte Nail Lacquer - Lavender Dust

A hint of pink and lavender in your nude nail polish will give a delicate touch to your pastel look, if that’s what you are going for, this festive season. A matte lux finish with a shade that can bring the beauty of a garden alive, Lavender Dust is princess magic personified. And you are no less than royalty. So why not channelise the same?

House of Makeup Matte Nail Lacquer - Hibiscus Tea

Craving a matte black nail polish? We will give you something better. How about a sinful wine red with deeper and darker tones, like the secrets you harbour and the ambitions you cherish? This deep and delicious shade is just perfect and will give you a matte black nail polish effect with deep red undertones, if not exactly black. This will definitely set you apart from the rest same old and usual matte black nail polish looks.

House of Makeup stands for clean beauty. We believe in beauty that is free from toxicity. Harmful chemicals in your nail polish can make your pinkies brittle and can lead to discolouration. Not with House of Makeup nail polish. Not only do we have long-lasting and luxurious textures with an array of shades, but we have curated these nail polishes with utmost love and no toxic ingredients. Add these to your festive kit now, or just make it a part of your regular look. You will not regret it.

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