Quarantine Special: Lifting the Spirit at Home à la House of Makeup

With novel coronavirus spreading across the world, we all are under an endless lockdown. Work from home has become a norm and virtual meetings are the new way of strategising. Amidst all that buzz, beauty cannot go for a toss, as a clear face is as important as a clear mind. Here are a few uplifting beauty tips that can help you during the quarantine.

Keep dry shampoo handy

dry shampoo

Want a quick fix for oily roots? Keep dry shampoo handy. You can walk into that Zoom meeting with just a couple of minutes worth of notice.

Sprint with sprays


Do you have face mists? If not, you can create your own. Just take one green tea bag and put it in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Post that put the concoction in the fridge. Add a few drops of vitamin E oil. Shake it up. This can be used by any skin type and is refreshing.

Tweeze and thread


If you have sparse eyebrows with a minimal growth, nothing’s better than tweezing to keep it in shape. What’s better? Learn how to thread with the help of tutorials. However, be very sure when you apply a thread to your brow. Or else, just keep it bushy. Keep your arches and spirits high! The easy part is to thread or shave off your upper lip with face razors.

Mask off all your worries


Sheet masks and hair masks not only provide nourishment but also take away the stress. Pamper yourself once in a while with a hair massage and mask, and a home-made facial which ends with a sheet mask. It will rejuvenate you like nothing else.

Hydrate and fruit up!


Your regime can give you clear skin, but for a clear and active mind, you need more. Make sure you include fruits in your diet for an all-round refreshing experience and hydrate yourself adequately. 

Prep up


Who says makeup can only be used while you step out. Prep yourself up every day and saunter into your personal workspace putting your beautiful best. You have clear skin, wear your best dress, put on your best kajal and lipstick, and get ready to face the day with a renewed zeal. You can take your pick from House of Makeup’s offerings. If you want an on-the-go eye product, plunge into the delights of Oh My Black’, or else pick our bestseller Here to Stay Longwear Kajal - Noir’. What’s best? These come with mini sharpeners so that your tips are never blunt. Spruce up your pout with our long-lasting lipsticks. Want a creamy pout? Go for our Good on You Hydra Matte Lipstick’. Want a liquid matte lipstick that stays all day long, from an indoor meeting to an in-house date? Then our Pout Potion Liquid Matte Lipstickshould be your pick. 

It’s time to break down the lockdown on your spirits and thrive, this quarantine.

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