Safe up with Makeup: How to Ensure our Makeup is as Sanitised as we are, During this Quarantine

The world is quarantined, and for us beauty enthusiasts, our makeup is the only thing that is lifting our spirits. It’s the time when the emphasis is on safety and sanitisation. So, how do we apply the same to our makeup?

Let’s find out.

Eye pencils and lip pencils

The best option is to sharpen them between usages, more often if you are sharing it. Spray it with alcohol too to get rid of the germs. House of Makeup offers kajals and eyeliners in pencil formats, all equipped with sharpeners. You can take your pick from our ‘Double Duty Kohl + Linerthat comes in four amazing shades. You can choose a kajal as per your convenience and budget; Oh My Blackor Here to Stay Longwear Kajal - Noir’.


The best way to keep your lipstick sanitised is by not applying it directly from the bullet or the applicator that comes with it. Mix it on a palette and then use. If you do use it directly, gently wipe the top of the bullet from time to time. Take your pick from House of Makeup’s creamy offering in a bullet, the Good on You Hydra Matte Lipstickand the liquid one Pout Potion Liquid Matte Lipstick’. They both are long-lasting and lustrous lipsticks, available in an array of shades.


The rule of thumb says you should replace your mascara every four to six months from the first usage. The reason behind this is that your eyelashes comprise of germs that keep multiplying with every further usage, and the wand picks it every time it goes into the bottle.

Face Makeup

Most of the face makeup products stay good for at least a year. However, if the shade or smell changes, or you feel strange reactions on the skin, replace it immediately. The best way to keep your face products in good shape is by using sanitised applicators every time.


Make sure your brushes and sponges are sanitised. If you need quick results, you can use makeup removing wipes. However, for deep cleansing, a cleaning palette along with the specific cleaning solution can do wonders. If you don’t have that, baby shampoo would do as well. Experts recommend daily washing if the usage is a daily one, with lukewarm water as hot water is damaging to the bristles.

While the aforementioned stand true for most of the makeup products, remember that your unique experience matters as well. If any of the products has an adverse reaction, stop the usage even though you have sanitised it.

Stay beautiful, stay sanitised. This too shall pass.

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