The Only Real Difference(s) Between Vegan And Organic Makeup

“Does this brand really produce ‘organic makeup?” “Girl, I think you’ve been duped. This does not feel like organic makeup” “I would rather use vegan makeup than spend a bomb on organic makeup” Well, this list of assumptions around organic makeup or vegan makeup is like a bottomless hole. The more you try and dig deep into it, the more like you are to create confusion in your own head. We bet our collection of organic lipsticks, that you have gone through the very same confusion. Especially while taking your picks between vegan and organic makeup products. But worry not, that’s where we come in. We are constantly on the go when it comes to making clean/vegan/natural/organic makeup more relatable to the true, real beauty connoisseur! 

So, take five minutes out of your busy schedules and get on board the clarity train. 

First things first, there are no legal definitions to vegan, natural or even for that matter, organic makeup. What the law requires actually is to list down ingredients according to already set global standards. Do keep in mind that the names are all mentioned as their scientific counterparts. 

Organic makeup decoded! 

Organic production translates to using ingredients that are sourced sustainably from certified organic farms that do not use harsh chemicals, insecticides or pesticides. These products also need to be not tested on animals, absolutely need to be free from synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances. 

Vegan Makeup identified!

Again,  there is no legal recognition of the word ‘Vegan’ But,  the best way to identify a brand as a Vegan is to thoroughly check the list of ingredients. Vegan or even organic makeup for that matter have a relatively low shelf life. So, have a look-see at the expiry dates and deets of the products you purchase for a crystal clear indication. Vegan makeup also excludes using any kind of animal extracts and are NEVER tested on animals. 

Hence we at House of Makeup, are always thrilled about being a vegan-proud brand. 

We sincerely hope this blog post has shed light on much-needed information. So, all set to stock up on vegan, organic makeup goodies?

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