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To offer Indian customers clean, high-performance makeup, without the premium price tag.

Bringing together safety, performance, and exceptional value may seem impossible, but truth be told, it was never impossible. It was just waiting to be done, and we’re doing it now. Time to stop compromising, and start celebrating.

What does ‘clean’ mean to us?

There’s only one way we define ‘clean’: NO toxic ingredients. ‘Clean’ doesn’t just stand for ‘organic’ or ‘natural’– because not all chemicals are bad, just like not all natural products are safe. We bring together the best and safest of both worlds, so that you don’t have to think twice before using our products.



Hi there!

Chances are, you’re right where I was in 2018 – someone looking for safe, high-impact makeup, without sacrificing their long-term health, or breaking the bank. I get it. After spending years in the beauty industry, I was shocked to realize that most of my favorite makeup products contained toxic ingredients that had no business being anywhere near my skin. This sparked an idea: Why couldn’t we create good quality, affordable makeup that was safe to use? It seemed impossible, but I found out that anything is achievable when you’re driven by stubborn determination, conscientious research, and unrelenting support (thanks, mom!). Today, House of Makeup is proud to offer safe, high-performance makeup that is free from animal cruelty, and is 100% vegan. We’re also completely transparent, because our customers deserve nothing less. Welcome to our family – we’re here to make sure you have the best of all, with zero compromises.

-Harlin Sachdeva

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Your safety, our top priority We follow the strict regulations laid down by the European Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC) that bans 1300+ toxic chemicals. All our ingredients are completely safe, and are rigorously tested to ensure they have no short-term or long-term negative health effects.
Check out our ‘Hard NO’ ingredient list Makeup that lives up to expectations Eye-popping colors. Rich texture. Smudge-proof, lasting wear. Plus, a wide range of shades (especially nudes), to complement every skin type. Our makeup does its job of making you look and feel your best. Good for you, great for the planet As conscientious animal lovers, we are against cruelty in all forms—our products are never tested on animals, and include no animal-derived ingredients (no, not even carmine, or animal fat).
We are 100% vegan.

Giving new life to old stuff Send us all your empty makeup containers, no matter the brand, and we’ll get them recycled responsibly at a verified, sustainable recycling center. OUR NO COMPROMISE PROMISE

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Conceptualized in India,
formulated in Europe



“Your products are so good…
They never let me forget you as a brand. I hope that one day we could have a meet and greet with your team.”

- Merina

“Your products are so good…
They never let me forget you as a brand. I hope that one day we could have a meet and greet with your team.”

- Merina

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