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Full time

To put it simply: As Brand Campaign Manager, you light the way ahead, enabling us to grow into a strong, powerful brand that sticks on in consumers’ minds, for all the right reasons. You make sure we’re talking to the right audiences, and delivering the most compelling narrative across every touchpoint and occasion. Any initiative, activity, etc. that helps you do this, is yours to manage and drive—with us providing full support, of course. With you leading the way, our brand sets a new benchmark in communication and branding.

Your responsibilities:

  1. Plan and execute D2C (Direct to consumer) integrated marketing campaigns, within monthly budgets, with the aim of acquiring and retaining customers—this includes strategizing, implementing, tracking, and measuring campaigns
  2. Gather and analyze data to build better campaigns and evaluate existing ones
  3. Deliver regular reports on campaign results, which includes web and digital activity analysis, campaign ROI, and evaluation on KPIs
  4. Brief, coordinate, and manage end-to-end delivery between internal and external agencies, including design studios, videographers, printers
  5. Ensure that all campaigns and marketing/promotional material speak our brand’s language, maintaining consistency in personality and tone, and most-importantly, are error-free
  6. Sign off on all marketing collaterals, making sure they’re accurate, and error-free

Basic requirement

  1. Minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar role
  2. Strong grasp on design, branding, and advertising
  3. Design agency/advertising background, with deep experience working across brand campaigns



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