We’re going to be honest (because that’s the first thing we care about here): this work is no cake-walk. After all, building a challenger brand never is. But we’re still doing it because we love it, because we believe in our brand. And now, we want to build a core team of people who share this passion.

Our mission is simple

We’re tired of the beauty industry making people compromise on their health, safety, ethics, and performance. So we’re turning it on its head with a brand that does not cut any corners.
We’re making sure that clean, harm-free, guilt-free, high-performance makeup becomes the norm. If you believe in this, and think you can contribute, join us. Not as employees, but as equal partners, with an entrepreneurial mindset. 
In return, we promise you a deeply rewarding journey, both monetarily (think salary + stock options), and emotionally (you’ll deliver actual value to customers, alongside a team that upholds kindness, inclusion, autonomy, and honesty.) Waiting to welcome you into our house!

What’s it like to work here?


Get first-hand experience of building a successful brand —hello, aspiring entrepreneurs!

Playground for growth 

A young company is fertile grounds for growth—get the freedom to experiment and develop your skills

Flexible schedule 

As long as work gets done, we don’t care how you do it—you are your own boss

Truth first 

Our brand is based on truth. It’s our most important core—and the place we operate from

Souls above sales 

Conscientious living, inclusion, diversity, and empathy—we put these values above all

Respect is everything 

For us, everything stems from respect: respect for our colleagues, customers, and for work-life balance

Want to join team House of Makeup?

Check out our open positions below, and fill the application form by clicking on it.

Head of Marketing
As Head of Marketing , you play a key role in driving sales, revenue, 
and brand loyalty and market share of our company.                                  

Brand Manager
As Brand Manager, you light the way ahead, enabling us to grow into a 
strong,  powerful brand that sticks on in consumers’ minds                            

Performance Marketing Manager
As Performance Marketing Manager, you’re the marketing magician: the 
one who strategizes, optimizes and manages all our online digital spends

Key Accounts Manager - e-commerce portal
As our Key Accounts Manager, you synchronize all the different 
(online) moving parts together in perfect harmony.                                 

E-commerce Manager
As E-commerce Manager, our online sales across all e-commerce 
platforms is in your capable hands.                                                                 

Marketing Manager
Smooth operations is key to our success—as Operations Manager, 
you’re the glue holding the company together.                                            

Junior Copywriter
You are our brand’s truthful storyteller, transforming potential 
customers into brand loyalists with your words.