We’re going to be honest (because that’s the first thing we care about here): this work is no cake-walk. After all, building a challenger brand never is. But we’re still doing it because we love it, because we believe in our brand. And now, we want to build a core team of people who share this passion.

Our mission is simple

We’re tired of the beauty industry making people compromise on their health, safety, ethics, and performance. So we’re turning it on its head with a brand that does not cut any corners.

We’re making sure that clean, harm-free, guilt-free, high-performance makeup becomes the norm. If you believe in this, and think you can contribute, join us. Not as employees, but as equal partners, with an entrepreneurial mindset. In return, we promise you a deeply rewarding journey, both monetarily (think salary + stock options), and emotionally (you’ll deliver actual value to customers, alongside a team that upholds kindness, inclusion, autonomy, and honesty.) Waiting to welcome you into our house!