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Full time

To put it simply: As E-commerce Manager, our online sales across all e-commerce platforms is in your capable hands. You are completely responsible for creating, implementing, and monitoring every element of the e-commerce marketing and sales strategy.

Your end goal is to maximize revenue and ROI from all our e-commerce platforms. Any initiative, activity, etc. that helps you do this, is yours to manage and drive— with us providing our full support, of course.


  1. Manage, grow and maintain e-Commerce websites/portals for Amazon.in, Amazon.com, Flipkart
  2. Hit pre-decided revenue and gross margin targets for each SKU
  3. Plan weekly inventory and manage stock availability, acros products, models, and channels
  4. Execute sales strategy and evaluate it across channels
  5. Handle e-commerce payment reconciliation, deals, coupons, reviews & ratings
  6. Manage, streamline, and refine A+ content, improve product catalogue, update keywords, and related activities, to boost impact and sales
  7. Maintain a smooth and productive relationship with category SPOCs at e-commerce portals

Basic requirement:Minimum of 2+ years of marketing and sales experience in a fast-paced, e-Commerce business

  1. E-commerce background, with experience in selling on Amazon .in, and similar platforms
  2. Strong analytical skills
  3. Expertise in Excel



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