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Full time

To put it simply: You are our brand’s truthful storyteller, transforming potential customers into brand loyalists with your words. You take charge of crafting compelling marketing and promotional messaging for the brand, across all media channels. Any initiative, activity, etc. that helps you do this, is yours to manage and drive—with us providing our full support, of course.

Basic requirement:

• Minimum of 2-3 years of writing experience, preferably in Beauty and Fashion

• Excellent written and verbal skills English

Roles & responsibilities:

• Write copy for a variety of media including social, print, video, and online, in collaboration with other writers, and other departments, including creative, product, marketing, and legal

• Ensure our brand content stays true to our brand identity, voice, and tone, by writing, editing and proofing all messaging pieces

• Incorporate SEO principles, data analytics to maximize efficiency and reach of the messaging

Interested? Great! Send us a short (1 minute) writeup or video on why you think we’d make great partners. Alternatively, you can email at hr@bisoucosmetics.in



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