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Full time

To put it simply: As Performance Marketing Manager, you’re the marketing magician—the one who strategizes, optimizes and manages all our online digital spends, delivering outstanding ROI and efficient Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). You are completely responsible for creating a strong marketing strategy plan and overseeing the management and performance of our digital accounts. Any initiative, activity, etc. that helps you do this, is yours to manage and drive—with us providing our full support, of course.


  1. Strategize and plan effective performance multi-channel marketing strategies, and, most importantly—
  2. Execute various strategies, including digital prospecting and remarketing campaigns quickly and effectively, within budget, driving strong ROI and efficient CAC —this includes affiliate marketing, PPC, SEO, social media and other digital channels
  3. Successfully plan, execute, and optimize for key traffic KPIs via paid, organic & own media channels
  4. Identify and test new channels to continue to meet or exceed established critical metrics
  5. Track, analyze, and report on campaign efficiency
  6. Work closely with the leadership team to share funnel conversion improvement ideas, feedback & present results

Basic requirement

  1. Minimum of 3 years of experience in a similar role
  2. Extensive experience in planning and executing multi-channel performance marketing strategies
  3. Strong expertise in Google Analytics, and campaign and channel analysis and reporting
  4. Data analytics superpowers: Demonstrated experience in leveraging consumer behavior trends to generate actionable insights, and implement strategies in line with insights



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