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Oh My Black Kajal- Duo

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For eyes that speak volumes - House of Makeup eye makeup

Everyone loves watching movies, and deep down all of us are suckers for good romance. Talking of romance, Bollywood has indeed given us a very filmy version of defining eyes, by way of lyrics that beautifully describe eyes. Well, beautiful eyes are either God’s gift, and if not, no worries, House of Makeup has eye makeup which can help you create that gift. House of Makeup has an array of eye makeup products, from the best House of Makeup Kajal to eyeliner, all at affordable price tags. Not only this, there is a sustainable value added as the products are chemical-free and cruelty-free. Shop your best Eye Makeup Products Online at House of Makeup now.

Kajal will always be a girl’s first love, when it comes to makeup. After all, eye makeup product is the first makeup product we own, in school and college, apart from the good old lip balm. Kajal induces nostalgia like none other and has evolved over time. From the dibbi kohls and Kohl Pencils which gave us that smudged look to the waterproof and smudge proof ones today, kajals have come a long way. At House of Makeup, we have gentle eye makeup products online which not only offer the aforementioned features, but also are actually beneficial for your eyes. You can actually sleep over it, pun intended. From the Oh My Black Kajal which glides on like velvet and stays on for long, to the Here to Stay Longwear Kajal, House of Makeup kajals will suit every budget and every woman. Not only this, House of Makeup has an eyeliner that comes in not one or two, but four different and gorgeous shades that can make your eye makeup pop out. House of Makeup Double Duty Kohl + Liner is a kajal that doubles up as an eyeliner and is simply fabulous at that. 

For eyes that speak volume, try House of Makeup eye makeup range that is wearable for long, is smudgeproof, best waterproof eyeliner, cruelty-free, and chemical-free. Just log on to the website, pick the product of your choice and place the order to receive it at your doorstep, in a few, easy steps.

Eye Makeup Collection - A Wide Range at House of Makeup

As said, kajal is one makeup product that has seen the most evolution over time. Our mothers and grandmothers used kohl made up of natural ingredients, but it didn’t preserve for long. They used their fingers as applicators, yet when we saw the pictures of their time, they looked simply enchanting with those heavily-kohled eyes. With time, kajal got a fashionable retractable packaging, and even pencil ones, so we could get those sharp linings defined just right. House of Makeup too has kajals and kohls that not only highlight your eyes like a traditional kajal, but also double up as eyeliner. 

Want a dramatic look? House of Makeup Double Duty Kohl + Liner comes in an array of shades for just that. From Silverrighteous that can bring that bling in your eye makeup, to the regal Dawntown, everything is there.  Want a perfect bridal shade? There is Bronzone for that. Want to add that flavour of teal to your regular eye makeup? Ms. Moneybags can give every other shade a run for its money. House of Makeup has a wide range of products in every texture which suits the modern-day woman. From velvety eye crayons to retractable packaging for those on-the-go moments, House of Makeup’s eye makeup products are perfect for women who don’t want to compromise on their looks, no matter the rush.

Your eyes are the most expressive and most delicate parts of your body. House of Makeup understands that. And thus, we have eye makeup products that are chemical-free and curated with the best of ingredients. Not only this, we do our bit towards the environment too. Our products are created in a sustainable and cruelty-free manner. Our beauty does not come at the cost of other living beings on this planet. 

Line your Eyes with Eyeliners that Mesmerise at House of Makeup

Kajals can tightline your eyes pretty well, giving you that messed up yet beautiful look. After all, kajals earned their way into the beauty definitions pretty early. However, it is the eyeliners that complete your eye makeup, along with the traditional kohl. House of Makeup eyeliners too understand that. That is why, the brand offers eyeliners that not only offer a velvety and smooth finish, but also are not composed of harmful chemicals. House of Makeup eyeliners are made up of cruelty-free and chemical-free ingredients that create a product which is high on quality and has the best texture for your eyes.

Eyeliners are different from kajals. They define your eyes like jewels, in various shades. House of Makeup Double Duty Kohl + Liner is available in four different shades, each to cater to your mood and occasion. Bronzone is for the nights when you want to bring out the shine inside you. On the other hand, your royal side favours the regal purple shade of Dawntown. We are not done yet. Silverrighteous makes sure you swipe on the silver shade and transform a drab day into a fab one. For that amazing teal look, grab Ms Moneybags, a confident shade for an exemplary woman. House of Makeup’s range of liners is carefully curated to suit women across all ages, with shades that are delightfully diverse. Just log on to the House of Makeup website, browse, and order your own shade of eyeliner at your doorstep.

House of Makeup - One stop shop for all your makeup needs and Best Eye Makeup Product Online.

Makeup is a highly personal art. While some prefer to just put on some lipstick and kajal and head out, others want to go all the way. Either way, makeup should be something that makes you feel good, not only about yourself but also is sustainable. House of Makeup uses a formulation which is both cruelty-free and chemical-free, thus making it a safe and conscious way of advancing beauty and makeup. However, while saving the environment, no compromise has been made on the quality if product. Our kajals and eyeliners are waterproof, and our lipsticks smudge-proof. 

Want eyeliners that will define you with their various shades? Try our Double Duty Kohl + Liner which will soothe your eyes with Kajal-like properties and line them like a perfect eyeliner. Want something on the budget end but not without any flaw? Our Oh My Black kajal should be your pick. If you want a kohl which last till you want it to, our Here to Stay Longwear Kajal - Noir should be your pick. Not only eyes, we have accentuating lip colours in popping colours and mind-blowing textures. Our Good On You Hydra Matte Lipstick comes infused with almond oils and roseship, and gives your lips a long-lasting feather finish of 7 hours, with the softest texture ever. The best part, even its packaging is an eco-friendly bamboo one. Want a liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry your lips and lasts through the day and even your evening plans?House of Makeup Pout Potion Liquid Matte is the one. With a composition of sugar and coconut, it sits comfortably on the lips. 

Have you checked our nail paints yet? House of Makeup nail paints are available in traditional lacquer texture as well as the matte ones for the women on the go. Available in an array of shades, these nail paints can make any look go pop with its glamorous quotient. What are you waiting for? Log on to the website and place your order now to get it at your doorstep.

Get those Perfectly Lined Eyes, the House of Makeup Way

Perfectly lined eyes are dreamy and gorgeous. However, if you are someone who has tried to sport the eyeliner but failed, this video tutorial is for you. Watch and ace the art of applying the perfect eyeliner.