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Lipsticks have been in vogue since the time Cleopatra signed her lips with her signature red shade. We have been in love with different variants of the shade since then, from raging reds to fabulous fuchsias, to nude shades that just melt and meld with your skin tone to give a glowing, natural look. From long lasting matte lipstick that stays on the pout for long, to long lasting lipstick with creamy texture that double up as lip balm, you can get it all at House of Makeup. Just log on to the website, choose the long lasting lipstick of your choice, checkout, and you are done.

Leave it on us, to then package it beautifully and send across for you to cherish. Want a gorgeous liquid potion potion? Our long lasting matte lipstick comes in the best of texture that glides like a dream on the lips and settles down in a feather-light matte finish.

From glossy and creamy texture of Good On You Hydra Matte Lipstick to the long lasting matte lipstick that is Pout Potion, House of Makeup Lipstick has beautiful shades and textures that suit all skin tones and is curated in a cruelty-free and environment-friendly manner

Best lipsticks at best prices

Our Good On You Hydra Matte lipstick is a long lasting lipstick which is created with utmost love. It comes in 12 stunning shades that cater to the needs of various and diverse skin tones, and is composed in a formula which is free of harmful chemicals. It can last up to 7 hours without any crack or crumble and has a vegan and organic formulation. Not only this, it comes encased in a unique bamboo casing.

But we are not done yet. House of Makeup is home to beautiful shades and textures and it comes encased in the form of another amazing range of lipsticks. Our Pout Potion Liquid Matte Lipstick comes in 10 enticing shades and has a feather-light formulation as opposed to the dry, chipping, and uncomfortable formulation of most of the liquid matte lipsticks available online. It comes encased in an easy to use packaging, with a wand that is perfect to kiss your lips with a touch of beautiful colour.

Ordering any liquid matte lipstick too is as easy breezy as the products and shades themselves. Just log on to the website, choose your lipstick, add to cart, and checkout. You are done. At House of Makeup, you get the best long lasting lipstick at the best price. Take your pick now.


A Long Lasting Lipstick for Every Mood

At House of Makeup, we believe every person has a different personality, and there should be a shade to represent every facet of it. We have a long lasting lipstick for every lip concern; Good On You Hydra Matte for those who want a boost of moisture and Pout Potion Liquid Matte for those who want a long lasting matte lipstick with a comfort finish. From beautiful matte nudes such as Low Key and Brown With It to gorgeous reds such as Happy Hour, Sorry Not Sorry, and Zero Chill, our Pout Potion comes in an array of shades to suit every mood and personality.

Coming to another long lasting lipstick yet a creamy one, our Good On You Hydra Matte Lipstick comes in no less than 12 shades, ranging from beautiful pinks to mesmerising reds, with amazing nudes thrown in for your everyday looks. Not only this, these shades are spread across various shades to match the diverse skin tones that exist globally. Pick the most enticing shade out of Zen Zinnia, Taupe Notch Rosey, Orchidding Me, Raisin & Shine, and many more.

The beautiful long lasting matte lipstick has a new address now. It’s House of Makeup. You only need to log in, make your choice, and place the order. Then sit back and let us deliver the order while you wait for the best of lip makeup to reach you.


Shop cruelty-free, vegan lipsticks online at House of Makeup

House of Makeup curates products which are not only good for you, but also for the environment and everyone. It’s a package of goodness without guilt. Our range of long lasting matte lipstick are curated with the finest of ingredients that have been picked to exclude all the harmful ones. Further, House of Makeup believes in a vegan and sustainable approach. When you buy a long lasting matte lipstick at House of Makeup, you are encouraging a brand that does not test its products on animals and is working every day towards a better environment with products and ingredients that are sustainable in nature.

Creating and using vegan and sustainable products that are cruelty-free is the need of the hour. We have taken enough from our environment. It’s time we gave it back.
House of Makeup tries to use raw materials that do not borrow senselessly from the environment. Our long lasting lipsticks come in an array of shades, all have been created to suit you, the ethical way.


Create your Perfect Lip look with Long Lasting Matte Lipstick

House of Makeup lipsticks come in an array of shades and textures, for you to pick your shades and mix and match. Whether you wish to create an ombre look or the plain old opaque one, you can do it all with House of Makeup’s range of long lasting matte lipstick. For a creamy and balmy texture that nourishes your lips with visible comfort, pick Good On You Hydra Matte Lipstick. For a feather-light texture that stays on for hours without crumbling or making your lips dry, pick our long lasting matte lipstick, Pout Potion Liquid Matte. You will never be switching to any other brand.

House of Makeup believes in delivering the best quality at the best prices. Try its lipsticks and you will know that we speak nothing but truth.