Matte Nail Lacquer at House of Makeup

Long, perfectly painted and manicured nails are the dream of all. Daily stress and work does take a toll on our nails, and God forbid if we have a habit of biting them off. None can save them from our wrath then, because we attack our nails when the slightest problem occurs. Maybe, with our fingers helping us out so much as we create our destinies and write our success stories with them, we should treat the nails, which are fingers’ crowns, a little better. House of Makeup matte nail lacquer is a step towards it. Our matte black nail polish is created with utmost love and comes with a brush that helps you apply it with the utmost precision. It’s a product created for the people of today, who know the value of time yet do not want to compromise on their beauty routine. Just open, swipe, let dry, and be on the move.

Want a matte black nail polish? We have it. Want a ruby red matte? We have it too. From pastels that brighten up your day to the goth berries and reds, we have all the shades to cater to your mood and taste, at House of Makeup. All you need to do is log on to, choose the matte nail lacquer of your choice, add to cart, and buy. Sit back and relax, we will safely pack your product and make sure it reaches you on time.

House of Makeup Matte Nail Lacquer: The Essence of Fast Makeup

It’s the 21st century. We are always on the run and we need products that can match up to our pace. There is no time to paint our nails and wait an eternity for them to dry. Now, we just want nail paints that take seconds to dry as we rush off to take on the world or maybe ace that meeting. House of Makeup matte nail lacquer is several steps ahead in this respect. It is created with the best ingredients that ensure your nails get the best colour and care in one swipe of nail paint. House of Makeup matte nail lacquer is free of all harmful ingredients that can lead to nail discoloration and also make them brittle. 

House of Makeup Matte Nail Lacquer comes with a texture that promises to stay for 6 days straight, with a luxe matte finish that doesn’t poke a hole in your pocket. Available in 8 beautiful shades, these matte nail lacquers give your nails the most beautiful look ever! Buy these now to give your pinkies the makeover they crave.

Best Matte Nail Lacquer Shades to Suit Your Soul

The best shades are those that not only match your dress, but also your personality. And why should you stick to one? Buy one each for each day of the week! Or maybe, mix, match, and create. Life is too short to be stuck with a single shade on your nails. House of Makeup matte nail lacquers offer 8 stunning shades that create the most beautiful luxury finish on your nails in one simple swipe. Want a better finish, just apply a double coat. And maybe, just for some more stability, apply that transparent topcoat. Although, two coats of our finest matte nail lacquer should do the deed.

Take a pick from our wide range of matte nail lacquer shades at House of Makeup. In the mood for classics such as matte black nail polish or matte white nail polish? We have those at House of Makeup too. From light and summery shades such as Strawberry Bark, Hot Chocolate, Lavender Dust, Blue Chalcedony, and Charoite, to darker tones such as Hibiscus Tea and Mr Grey, each of House of Makeup matte nail lacquer shade stands out. Take your pick and flaunt the one which matches your mood for the day and personality all the way.

Want a Matte Black Nail Polish? Well, Mr Grey comes quite close, with a unique take on the usual matte black nail polish. It has the darkness and richness of the shade, along with a slight one shade light quality which makes it unique and different from any other matte black nail polish that you may have ever used. 

Paint your nails with the House of Makeup matte nail lacquer and you will never be switching to any other paint for your pinkies ever again.

Go free on toxicity with House of Makeup’s clean beauty drive

Your nails are strong and hard, but that does not mean they can sustain any chemical you put on them. Many nail paints contain the most toxic ingredients that can cause discolouration and even cause breakage. A matte nail lacquer, with its quick-drying mechanism, is stuffed with even more toxicity. At House of Makeup, however, you can be free of all these worries. Whether it’s your matte black nail polish or any other shade, we create our matte nail lacquer with utmost care and precision, with regards to both the customer and the environment. Our ingredients are not toxic and pose no harm to your nails, no matter how many applications. Further, we do not believe in testing our products on animals, which makes us cruelty-free. We also believe in using ingredients that do not pose a threat to the environment.

At House of Makeup, we believe in clean beauty and no toxicity. Each of matte nail lacquer is created with the same thought in mind. Buy Nail Polish Online that enhance both colour, care, and texture on your pinkies.