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Nail Lacquer or nail polishes have been gracing our pinkies since a long time. From dripping reds on long nails that exuded a vampy vibe to the nude nail lacquer that made its way to make nails natural but better, now, we have a range of choices to pick from. However, our nails also require pampering. Can we just put anything on them, making it discoloured and brittle? No. We need a nail lacquer that will not only make the nails look gorgeous but also is devoid of harmful chemicals.

At House of Makeup, you can buy nail polish online at the perfect prices and in a quick and easy manner. Just log on to the website, choose the nail lacquer of your choice, add it to the cart, checkout, and wait. We will deliver the nail lacquer of your choice right at your doorstep.

Creating the best nail polish is no child’s play. But we know how to create one. And now you know where to buy nail polish online when you want the best shades and the best quality, with the lacquer and colours just pouring of your nails in the most beautiful way possible.

A Nail Lacquer for all Occasions

At House of Makeup, we have a nail lacquer for all occasions. From bridal coutures and party picks to everyday affairs, we have the best nail polish online for all your moods and occasions. From the goodness of Saucy Blackcurrant and luscious tone of Rubellite, to the pastel shades of Acai Butter and Little Tutu that can make your workday brighter, we have a nail lacquer for every occasion.

Are you shopping for a present? Is your best friend going to walk down the aisle? You can take your pick from our wide range of nail lacquers, with the traditional goodness of lavish and luscious texture that runs down your nails like a dream and dries in a jiffy to leave behind a stunning shine that stays on for six days straight. Enriched with all the good ingredients these nail paints can brighten up any occasion, as a gift or even on your hands. All you have to do is make the right choice and shop the right nail lacquer. And then, get, set, go.

The Best Nail Polish Comes with Ease of Application

House of Makeup nail lacquer comes in a packaging that is enviable. With its dual-cap mechanism, it helps you apply the nail lacquer in whichever manner feels feasible to you. Good with the entire cap? Do that. Want a smaller applicator? You can unscrew that from the main cap and do that as well. We sell the best nail polish online and make sure that you get to use it in the best way possible, with no inconvenience to you.

Our applicator brush is small and flat, perfect to cover your nails in one go. It is in sharp contrast to other longer and thin brushes that shed and thin over time. Not only that, other nail polishes have brushes with long bristles that make applying nail lacquer a real pain. With House of Makeup, you will not have to worry about that. One stroke of paint and you are done.

You can create vintage looks with just one stroke of application, and get the most beautiful finish ever. Want a richer finish? Just put on a double coat and finish up with a top coat. Want to combine the best nail polish with another nail lacquer? You can do that too. With our wide range nail paints online, you can pick and choose your favourites and create whichever look you want in the easiest way possible. 

Buy Nail Polish Online that is free of toxicity

We aim to create makeup products that are free of toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and more. We continue the same with our nail lacquers too. Our luscious finish comes without any harmful ingredients and gives a gel-like shiny finish without the requirement of a UV lamp. House of Makeup nail lacquer has been curated after careful research of shades and ingredients, to give you a product that does what it is meant to, but without making your nails dry or brittle.

You can put on House of Makeup nail lacquer in a carefree manner, as much as you want. It will not harm your nails in any way. Further, we use a vegan and cruelty-free approach so that you get a product with no guilt attached. 

Paint your nails in the shades of your soul, with an all-over goodness. House of Makeup nail lacquers are at your service.

How to Create the Best Nail Looks with House of Makeup Nail Lacquer

Want to create the best looks and nail arts with House of Makeup nail lacquer? Subscribe and come to our blog, like our social media pages and we can show you the exact way of how you can create various looks with the help of these luscious nail polishes. We are not just giving you the best nail polish online. We are also turning up the creativity quotient inside you. It’s time to bring out your inner artist. Turn up the volume and play with House of Makeup nail polishes and create various looks. Tag us on our social media handles and get featured. 

House of Makeup nail lacquer is the nail paint of your dreams. Log on to now and buy nail polish of your favourite shades. Hurry, they are truly flying off the shelves, with all the colourful goodness.