Presenting, Darkest, Richest and the Best Waterproof Eyeliners by House of Makeup

Eye makeup has been the apple of everyone’s eyes, since its inception. From the Eye Kajal that started making its appearance even before the gorgeous Cleopatra, to the hues which were applied using natural colours of the flowers, eye makeup has seen an evolution. However, one of the most loved eye makeup product, is an eyeliner. An eye makeup product that works like an eye kajal yet stays longer than it, eye liner has been a revolution in itself, since the time it was first introduced to the consumers. At House of Makeup, we believe in taking that revolution further, by creating something which is not only what it is expected to be, but far ahead of it as well. 

House of Makeup houses a wide range of eyeliners in various hues, to not only make your eyes stand out as the most beautiful and insightful feature, but also care for your eyes. Your eyes are not only the most striking feature of your face, but the most delicate one as well. Hence, you need products that not just colour, but care too. We at House of Makeup, create eyeliners that are chemical-free and cruelty-free, to give you an experience without guilt or fear.

House of Makeup ‘Double Duty Kohl + Liner’ comes in the most beautiful four shades, to complement the variant and vibrant personalities of those who wear them. Your eyes are a window to your soul. We at House of Makeup believe that they should also reflect your soul colour. From the Silverrighteous that glitters through the day and Dawntown with the most regal purple, to the Bronzone that’s fit for a princess and Ms. Moneybags that jingles the corporate belle inside you, there is an eyeliner for everyone. 

Amp up your Shade game with House of Makeup Eyeliners 

Bored of the usual blacks and browns? We have options that will make your eyes go pop, literally. House of Makeup’s range of eyeliners are there to make your eyes shine and how. We have a range of colours that are deeply pigmented and provide a one-stroke finish, for the on-the-go beauties. Its waterproof and smudge-proof finish further adds to the aura. At House of Makeup, we believe in curating makeup that is devoid of any guilt. And that’s why, we go for a cruelty-free and chemical-free creation.

Our Double Duty Kohl + Linerserves a dual purpose of eye kajal and eyeliner. It is gentle enough to be applied on the inner eye line, and tough enough to sustain the day on the outer lids. We have a range of beautiful shades that stay through the day. These shades are subtle enough for your meetings and catching enough for your evening plans. Our Silverrighteous is a beautiful silver that will brighten up your eyes. Ms. Moneybags is the perfect teal to steal your heart. Dawtown is a regal purple that is understated yet makes a statement in its own way. Bronzone is the perfect bronze brown with a shimmer that will shimmy its way to your heart. 

This House of Makeup eyeliner is truly double duty as doesn’t itch your eyes like other eyeliners, when put as kajal. It has been formulated with love and stays on your eyes for 8 hours as a kajal and 12 hours as an eyeliner. Well, now tell us another eyeliner that works so well! House of Makeup eyeliners are created to be multitaskers, just like you are.

Pick your Favourite Eye Makeup Product Online only at House of Makeup

With House of Makeup, buying makeup has never been easier. It’s time to pick your favourite eyeliner at House of Makeup, just with the press of a few keys. Just log on to, choose the eyeliner of your choice, or maybe, choose them on. Checkout, place the order, and you are done. Sit back and wait for us to deliver your favourite eyeliner, or any other product, at your doorstep. Our eyeliner pencil is the a mix of old and new textures, and comes with a miniature sharpener so that your edges are never wrong. From smudgy to sharp, create all kinds of eyeliner looks with our ‘Double Duty Kohl + Eyeliner.’ Our eyeliner price is affordable and something that will definitely catch your eye and heart. Our eyeliner gives you a beautiful finish which stays on the waterline for 8 hours and on the lids for 12 hours straight. From meetings to parties, you will be forever-ready with our range of eyeliners, available in four gorgeous shades, each to compliment your unique personality. 

House of Makeup believes in making the world a better place to live. Thus, our eyeliner and other makeup products are created in a chemical-free and cruelty-free way, so that you wear your shade on your gaze, sans any guilt, whatsoever. Swipe on that eyeliner, and walk that confident gait.

Stock your Makeup à la House of Makeup Way

It’s time to curate your makeup box, in a sustainable, guilt-free manner. House of Makeup is here with an array of beauty products, all created with the best ingredients and in a cruelty-free manner, with no chemicals, so that they touch your skin to not only make it beautiful externally, but internally as well. From creamy lipsticks to matte lip colours, from nail lacquers that give a shine to matte nail paints, we have it all. House of Makeup have eye kajals and eyeliners in an array of shades to give your eye makeup looks a new twist. Just log on to and place your order today.

Ace that Winged Eyeliner in Few Simple Steps

Late for a meeting but not getting the wing right? Well, eyeliner looks are tricky, but not if you have got the perfect guide to take you through the steps. We at House of Makeup know just how to give you the apt tips and tricks to get your winged eyeliner look right. Just follow the steps in the video below, and you will be done. Never be late for a meeting, or a party, these wings will make you fly and not take you down.