Long Lasting Eye Kajal: The ultimate eye accessory at House of Makeup

Your eyes are a window to your soul, the most gorgeous feature of your face. This notion of beauty finds its roots in the oldest of times, and so does the art of decking it up. Eye Kajal, kohl, surma, call it whatever, but this piece of eye makeup which adds a depth to the eyes has existed for a long time, across boundaries. Known to add an element of mystic to the eyes, Eye Kajal has been around for centuries. Traditional or contemporary, it forms a part of every makeup routine. Whether you are a novice or an expert, an Eye Kajal is something which will always form a part of your makeup, whenever you step out, or even decide to lie in. From herbal to long-lasting ones, there have been many Eye Kajals around, enhancing eye makeup and giving it a new lease. From the fat crayons to the retractable ones, it has seen evolution in design and application as well.

Kajal is truly an eye accessory that adds value to the old age adage of eyes being a reflection of your expression. At House of Makeup, you can buy the hue of your choice. Take your pick from the deepest and richest of colours, which are long-lasting, and are cruelty and chemical-free.

The types of Eye Kajal ruling the roost of eye makeup

Eye Kajal, unlike any other makeup product, has seen the most evolution. In fact, only lipstick can give it a neck-to-neck competition in that case. Eye Kajal, when it was originally formulated, was more of an eye medicine than an eye makeup. However, with its herbal properties, ladies eventually discovered how gorgeously it enhanced their eyes. So, from herbal powders that gave a smudgy look to fat crayons that still smudged, we came to the current generations of Smudge Proof Kajals that double effortlessly as eye care and eye makeup. 

At House of Makeup, we offer a wide array of Long Lasting Eye Kajals and Best Smudge Proof Kajal making sure that your eye makeup kit is equipped with the best of hues. From retractable ones to sharp enable ones, we have Eye Kajals that offer the deepest of pigmentation, a rainbow of shades, and a guilt-free purchase. Our products are cruel ty-free and chemical-free, for we believe in taking care of our environment in today’s testing times.

House of Makeup, true to its name, is home to various Eye Kajals. Our Oh My Black - Eye Kajalglides on like a dream and will give you the richest pigment in one stroke. It comes in a convenient retractable packaging, so you just twist, apply, and you are done. If you want a more traditional and sharpenable Eye Kajal, House of Makeup has ‘Here to Stay Longwear Eye Kajal - Noir’. True to its name, it glides on like a dream and stays on for 24 hours, without budging. What’s better? This waterproof and smudge-proof Eye Kajal comes with a mini sharpener so that you don’t lose your edge, even while on the go. Let the classic black to all the talking.

Your one-stop for the Best Long Lasting Eye Kajals: House of Makeup

Eye Kajals have the power to cajole, and this is not just any wordplay. The dark hue, when on our waterlines and lids, create looks ranging from the most natural to the most dramatic. At House of Makeup, we have a wide collection of eye makeup products online and majorly Eye Kajals that give you the deepest and darkest finish in just one stroke. What’s more? You don’t need to step out to buy this. Go on our website and look for the Eye Kajal which suits you best and order. It’s as easy as that. Place your order and we will deliver it the quickest and safest manner.

At House of Makeup, we don’t just sell makeup, we celebrate it. When it comes to Eye Kajals, we know the sentimental as well as the aesthetic value of beauty attached to it. We formulate our Eye Kajals in the safest way possible, for we know how delicate your eyes are. Our ingredients are carefully curated to benefit and not just beautify. From our retractable ‘Oh My Black - Eye Kajal’ which is an affordable pick me up to Eye Kajal pencil like Here to Stay Longwear Eye Kajal - Noir’, we have created Eye Kajals for everyone. House of Makeup has the perfect Eye Kajals for you to complete your eye makeup, one that stays and doesn’t smudge. Shop at House of Makeup and create looks that stay.

We believe in creating a better tomorrow and contributing towards our planet. And that’s why, our products, including Eye Kajals, are created using a cruelty and chemical-free approach. Buy the best Eye Kajal online, without any guilt, at House of Makeup.

House of Makeup: The hub of all that’s beauty

House of Makeup is an online portal created as an ode to beauty. We celebrate beauty and create products for those who love makeup, yet responsibly. From the creamiest of lipsticks to the matte ones, we have lip colours that will create the best lip makeup looks. Our nail lacquers make sure your pinkies are in the pink of health. Our Eye Kajals and eyeliners breathe life into your eye makeup, as our hues last long and don’t smudge. Log on to houseofmakeup.com now and order the product of your choice. It will be packed and delivered in the quickest manner, with utmost love and care.

Our Best Waterproof Eyeliners and Eye Kajals and have been created to care as well as create dramatic looks. We also have different packagings that you can choose from. If retractable is your choice ‘Oh My Black - Eye Kajal’  and Double Duty Kohl + Linershould be your pick. If you want the good old sharpenable Eye Kajal, pick ‘Here to Stay Longwear Eye Kajal - Noir’. No matter what your pick, you will get the deepest pigment that soothes the eyes and stays for long, without any embarrassing smudge taking your glory away.

Our lip colours are there to enhance your pout to another level. If you wish to carry the creamiest of pops with the goodness of lip balm and the richness of lipstick, our Good On You Hydra Matte Lipstickshould be your pick. If you wish to adorn a liquid matte lipstick that stays for long without chapping your lips, pick Pout Potion Liquid Matte Lipstick’.

Our nail paints are equally exciting as well, even more, if we dare say. House of Makeup offers nail lacquers with shades that ooze oomph and matte nail paints with dark hues and quick dry application, perfect for women on the go. Born this Way, Sundowner, Mushroom Latte, Kashmiri Chai or more, there are an array of shades to choose from and delve into. Log on to House of Makeup and take your pick now. What’s best? You can get your first nail paint FREE as you place your first order!

Watch your Eye Kajal transform your day look to a night one

An Eye Kajal is a multi-tasking product. In fact, it can change your entire look, in just few swipes. Have an emergency party to attend but only have your basics in hand? Swish out your House of Makeup Eye Kajal and we will tell you exactly how you can amp up the drama and create an evening look that will turn heads. All, with just one Eye Kajal.